Is it really that simple I wondered as I sat there listening to him?

His 5 Steps to Crazy Success… This One Thing You Do started making sense because as he spoke and I listened I realized something…

Most people spread themselves too thin.

They dabble in this and in that. Never completely focused, never fully committed.

They leave the backdoor open… just in case they need to get out fast.

They operate with one eye on the backdoor and the other on the next thing… never fully present!

He Was Very Successful

He was a very successful financial adviser… a member of the Chairman’s Club. Best of the Best!

In the Top 10 out of 2,400 advisers. A multi-million-dollar earner. That was way back in the late 80’s!

Well mannered, polite and well groomed he sat there speaking to me and I realized “I’ve always liked this guy” even though he was much older than my young 26 years… not as qualified in finance and business as I was… and yet he had that certain confidence about him. A certainty that made you feel safe and secure to share everything with him.

And I Was Struggling

Wondered if he had 5 Steps to Crazy Success that he’d share with me? I was struggling in my new consulting business. The wolf was at the door. My savings depleted. Stress, frustration and anger gripped me like a vice squeezing tighter everyday that went by without a client hiring me.

As we spoke, I asked him about his success, and realized that it requires:

– Work – It doesn’t fall into your lap.

– Persistence – it doesn’t happen overnight.

– Skill – it’s not for amateurs.

Sounded like sacrifice becomes a way of living in the beginning.

Are There Really 5 Steps to Crazy Success?

So, I asked him… if there really are 5 Steps to Crazy Success in This One Thing You Do? You don’t have a little side hustle, right? … I asked…

He laughed and said… Yes, there are 5 Steps to Crazy Success and you only need This One Thing You Do!

Eager like a little child I waited to be told what it is so I could also have it!

He looked at me and said… Before we speak about that let’s speak about you!

Yes, Who You Are Is the First Step

Your character, your manners, your behavior, your commitment.

We spoke about me struggling to get clients even though I was highly skilled in finance and business. And then he said something that shocked me…

“You are lousy at building relationships and you have no idea how to sell your services”

As I sat there listening to him, I felt the anger rage up inside me…

Then suddenly, I realized he was right. A zero-balance bank account, no real friends. No clients in 3 months! The evidence was right in front of me.

I invited him so I could drain my insurance policies to pay for my mortgage, car and other bills, I was in trouble! I needed a bail-out!

What You Want Is the Second Step

Looking me straight in the eye, he asked me a question that changed everything…

“Do you want to get annoyed or do you want to succeed?”

Of course, I want to succeed I snapped back!

“Then stop looking for the easy way out and listen to me he said…”

He spoke and I listened… my arrogance left the room as soon as I realized I needed someone to help me succeed.

Couldn’t get where I wanted to go with what I had!

What You Do Is the Third Step

And I needed new skills and habits if I was to become successful in this world where you are responsible for your own income. No company to give you a paycheck, no company car, no low-cost mortgage bond. None of the benefits I had as the Audit Manager for the 2nd largest financial services company in the country.

His question and the realization that I’m 100% responsible for my life changed my life. That night started my success journey and allowed me to become a Million Dollar Earner in less than 3-years!

Then What’s the Next Step?

So, ask yourself, do you know the 5 Steps to Crazy Success in This One Thing You Do?

Yes, YOU! Or are you all over the place?

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, high ticket salesperson or business owner…

There Are 5 Steps to Crazy Success in This One Thing YOU Do!

I showed you some in this article, what about the others?

Have you found them yet?

If not, let me ask you the Million Dollar Question…

“Do you want to keep searching or do you want to succeed?”

Would love to hear from you…

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“He spoke and I listened… my arrogance left the room as soon as I realized I needed someone to help me succeed.”

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