Inside of the 6-Figure Elite, we’ll create the infrastructure for you as a coach who wants to scale to $100K+ per month in profit in a year or less.

This offer breaks it all down as to what’s needed to build a 7-figure online coaching business, from your customized 7-figure roadmap, building an infrastructure, building out a lean team and a predictable, simple yet powerful client acquisition system with a combination of paid ad & organic marketing.

We have already helped our clients generate over $49,000,000

We’ve helped create 32 millionaires in the 6-Figure Consultant Program and 293+ 6-Figure Coaches.

We help people both from scratch, to existing coaches, to established coaches.

The reason we get our clients such incredible results is because we’re hands-on, practice what we preach and genuinely care for everyone we work together with.

We keep it simple, result focused and pave a clear path uniquely to our clients situation and their goals.

Personalized Expert Mentorship

6-Figure ELITE is a 90-Day Mentorship Program exclusively with Bastiaan and his team.

In this mentorship program, we breakdown your current situation and see in the shortest timeline how we can take your coaching business to 100k+ /month.

You get access to the 6-Figure ELITE program, our team, systems & processes, a community of winners, workshops and much more.

Bastiaan and his team provide hands-on mentorship to ensure you can get results with your coaching business.

We provide you with a paved, clear path and a roadmap specifically designed for you and your team.

Our Offer

  • Access To Our Infrastructure To Operate A 7-Figure Coaching Business

  • Access To Internal Team Management Training & Processes

  • Access To Training On How To Hire Setters & Closers

  • Access To Training On How To Hire Coaches & Operators

  • Access To Our Paid Strategies on Facebook Group Growth

  • Access To Our Facebook Organic Strategies For Marketing

  • Access To Our Internal Follow-Up Sequence For Setters & Closers

  • Access To Our Leadership & Team Culture Workshop

  • Access To The 6FC Community & Engagement Chats

  • Access To The Mastermind Hot Seat Session Recordings

  • Access To Our Plug & Play Systems for Team Performance Tracking

  • Workshop Access To Our Exclusive Training On Mindset, Marketing, Speaking, Vision, Wealth, etc.)

  • Access To Our Messenger Strategies For Appointment Setting

  • OPTIONAL: Access To Our Done-For-You Trained Appointment Setter Installed Into Your Coaching Business + Full Setup Call

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