Andre is the creator of Mastering Sales Influence and the new Million Dollar Profits Program for Business Owners and Sales People

Andre is the creator of Mastering Sales Influence and the new Million Dollar Profits Program for Business Owners and Sales People

Like me, I’m sure that nothing will give you more meaning and confidence than being able to help yourself and others succeed! To grow and become who you can be!


Has your life always been a bed of roses?

Well, neither has mine and that’s a good thing… because it shaped who we are today!

It probably made you ambitious, driven and hopefully open-minded enough so you can succeed with the right help.

Imagine if you became “The Unwanted Child” who never heard words like “I love you” … “I’m proud of you” or even got a hug… How would your life be?

For me, there has been many failures along the way. Yet, in spite of all of that I did a few things exceptionally well and because of that achieved extraordinary success in my business and life.

As you know, Myra and I retired in 2013. In 2018 I started coaching Salespeople, Small Business Owners and Executives working 20-hours per week and since then I have helped more than 261 people Increase their Income and Transform their lives.

My mission is To help 500 Small Business Owners and Sales People like you, Become Million Dollar Earners by 15 December 2025 so you can Increase your Income and Impact to live your dream life.

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Here’s my Story…

As a young child I was passed between family members like a hot potato. That made me believe I was “worthless” and “nobody wanted me.” I became “The Unwanted Child”

Up to age 17 I lived an emotionally destructive life with my uncle and aunt and their two children.

I excelled academically and in sport. Mistakenly hoping being “a little achiever” would give me the love and belonging I craved. It didn’t!

Some past achievements include…

  • Top performer in athletics, horsemanship, martial arts and a member of an elite Anti-Terrorist Unit during military training – In my teens.

  • Paid my own way to Study Law, Accounting, Tax and Finance at University

  • Started working as the Accountant for American Express Gold Card – age 23

  • Was promoted to be the Audit Manager for Nedbank Group (previously Nedcor Group) – age 25

  • Started my own Management Consulting Business at age 26. In spite of my expertise, experience and good work ethic I struggled for more than 3 months to get my first client

  • Became a Million Dollar Earner in less than 3 years and went on to built four 7-figure businesses in Management, Financial Planning, Tax and Real Estate Consulting – This started at age 28

  • Coach, Consultant and Services Provider to some of the most powerful brands in the world (1998 to 2012)

  • CEO and Co-Founder of AMKO Group an 8-figure ($15.63million) professional services company (2006 to 2012)

In late 2005 I met Myra and Sumi. Within 3 months Myra and I married. It was the best decision of my life. 15 Years later our relationship continuous to grow giving me the love and belonging I want.

Between 2006 and 2012, Building that group of companies and constantly working 15-18 hour days had a strong negative impact on our health and personal relationships. So, at the end of 2012, we sold everything.

In 2013 Myra, Sumi and I left our country.

Some current achievements include…

  • Created a 7-figure Coaching Business working 20-hours per week

  • Created Mastering Sales Influence and the New Million Dollar Profits Program for Business Owners and Sales People to help my clients create lasting success over and over in any industry on any platform

  • Helped many clients, change their lives, take years off their learning curve and earn 5 and 6 figures within weeks

Currently, we live on a beautiful tropical island with 260° ocean views and fondly refer to our lifestyle as Chilled Living.

And YES, because I live on an island, you’ll never see me in anything other than shorts and a T-shirt 😊

Becoming experts in Sales and Business has allowed us to live the way we want.

When I say ‘You can have it all’, I’m speaking from experience, not just repeating some fancy catchphrase.

I believe… you can become your best self, have anything, live and work anywhere you want… If you’re willing to do the work!

Want to know how to Become a Million Dollar Earner and Live Your Dream Life then connect with me… like I did more than 34 years ago with the man who helped me see things clearly!

What he told me changed my life! Are you open to have the same experience?