Case Study – Neil

How Neil went from less than $10k/mo to more than $51k/mo in 5 Weeks

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Case Study Neil


Neil is a leadership coach who joined my 5INFive Live Coaching program. He wanted to overcome two very specific challenges. Even though he was generating leads, Neil struggled to book enough appointments and close more sales so he could earn at least $15k in 5 weeks. We helped Neil overcome those challenges and this allowed him to exceed his own expectations and earn an extraordinary income in a few weeks.


Neil’s commitment to self-development is clearly reflected in him doing 22 Tony Robbins events consecutively and investing more than $400k working with various other gurus. This shows his commitment to his own personal growth, development and desire to succeed which made him an ideal candidate for my coaching program.


Neil had a strong lead generation system in place, but he faced a significant hurdle when it came to booking appointments and closing sales to meet his income goals. Recognizing the urgency to address this issue, we wasted no time in commencing our work to enhance his sales performance.

Our primary focus was on developing strategies and implementing tactics to increase the conversion rate of leads into booked appointments and ultimately closed sales. By taking swift action, we aimed to bridge the gap between Neil’s lead generation success and his desired sales outcomes, aligning his efforts more closely with his income goals.

Neil’s Desires 

Neil had specific desires and goals he wished to achieve through our coaching program. These desires revolved around getting more appointments, closing sales effectively, and achieving his income goals.

  • Getting More Appointments: Neil wanted to improve his ability to turn leads into actual appointments. He believed that by increasing the number of appointments, he would have more opportunities to make sales and boost his business.

  • Closing Sales Successfully: Neil realized that he needed to improve his skills in closing sales. He wanted to learn effective strategies and techniques to confidently close deals and increase his sales numbers.

  • Achieving Higher Income: Neil had a strong desire to increase his income and achieve his financial goals. He was determined to take steps that would help him surpass his current income level and create a more financially successful future for himself and his family.

“Andre is different he’s got real life experience – Thats what I’m paying for! He’s an expert with more than 30 years’ experience.”

Let’s Make Things Happen

The Outcome

Through the coaching process, Neil applied the strategies and techniques he learned, leading to significant progress. In just two days, he successfully closed a $9,000 client, and by the end of the five-week program, his earnings exceeded $51,000. Neil’s transformation was driven by a shift in his beliefs, an upgrade in his skills, and the development of a mindset that enabled him to effortlessly acquire new clients.

Results Achieved:

Neil’s dedication and commitment to the coaching process yielded outstanding results:

6.8 ROI

Return On Investment

Neil’s earnings surpassed his initial investment by 6.8 times, highlighting the significant financial growth he experienced.


Increase in Sales

Neil witnessed a remarkable 729% increase in his sales, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies implemented during our coaching sessions.


Exceeded 90-Day Goal

In just 5 Weeks Neil not only achieved his 90-day income goal but exceeded it by an impressive 141.7% within a remarkably short period.

The Process

Upon our initial sales call, Neil mentioned his active presence on social media and his frustration with the low number of appointments and sales generated. Shortly after joining the coaching program, I requested two recordings of his recent sales calls. After reviewing them, I provided Neil with valuable feedback and suggestions. Within two days, he successfully closed a high-ticket client worth $9,000.

Over the course of the five-week coaching program, we conducted 90-minute Zoom calls focusing on the following key elements:

Sales Call Analysis:

Neil provided recordings of his recent sales calls, allowing for thorough evaluation and the identification of areas requiring improvement. Following the review, I offered targeted suggestions for refinement.

Skill Development:

Through 90-minute Zoom sessions conducted over five weeks, Neil focused on refining his ability to secure appointments and close sales. We practiced and rehearsed sales conversations to enhance his persuasive techniques and rapport-building skills.

Mindset and Approach:

Recognizing the importance of mindset in sales success, we worked together to adjust Neil’s beliefs and attitude towards selling. By nurturing empathy and adopting a client-centric approach, he developed a more effective and authentic sales methodology.

Process Optimization:

Neil mastered the process of engaging with prospects, fine-tuning his strategies for effective communication and relationship-building. Through reviewing recordings of sales calls and direct message conversations, he refined his techniques and adapted them to different scenarios.

Accountability and Implementation:

To ensure consistent progress, I held Neil accountable for implementing the strategies and activities agreed upon during our coaching sessions. This approach fostered discipline and commitment to achieve his goals.

Tools and Resources:

I provided Neil with templates, frameworks, and scripts tailored to his coaching practice. These valuable resources expedited his progress and helped him navigate various sales scenarios more effectively.

Getting More Appointments

Converting leads into appointments is vital for coaches and service-based businesses. It expands the client base and creates valuable business opportunities. Mastering this skill ensures a steady stream of prospects to engage and convert into clients.

Case Study

Increase your sales

Mastering sales calls drives business growth by connecting with prospects, understanding their needs, and demonstrating value. Improve your skills to build relationships, address concerns, and boost sales for a successful business.


Working with Neil, an experienced coach, was an absolute pleasure due to his ambition, drive, and open-mindedness. He actively listened, questioned when necessary, and effectively applied the suggested strategies. Together, we focused on enhancing his mindset, skills, and habits to help him achieve his goals. Neil’s exceptional results, exceeding his current income by 729% in just five weeks, serve as a testament to the transformative power of coaching.

Imagine the impact on your life if you could achieve similar results, surpassing your income goals in such a short period. Clients like Neil, who aspire to achieve extraordinary growth, truly inspire me as a coach.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Andre Kotze