2020 is well on its way and isn’t it a great year to create a successful life?

Look at those digits… 2020… a once in forever opportunity to turn things around, forever.

To Dream, Live, Achieve and Love with all you got!

Seriously, many of you will like this and some of you will kick against it with limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

Wanna guess who will actually have the best year?

Keep reading because you’ll find out in a minute or two…

2020 Is a Great Year to Create a Successful Life

Everyone knows you can either be involved or committed when you’re trying to create a successful life for yourself, your family and your loved ones, right?

Ultimately, it’s either the one or the other that’ll give you success, isn’t it?

This old story will clear up any confusion you may have about…

The Difference Between Being Involved and Being Committed

It’s a story about the chicken and the pig…

The chicken is involved when it lays eggs we can eat.

The pig is committed when it provides us with bacon and pork chops.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…

How dare I offend vegans and others who might not eat pork for religious reasons?

You’ll be okay… Just get over it.

You see, this little story is simply a very effective example to show you the difference between being involved and being committed when you Create a Successful Life!

Create a successful life

You Can Choose to Be Offended OR You Can Choose to Grow!

When you think about it carefully, this little story about the chicken and the pig is totally about you!

You can choose to be offended by it OR you can choose to grow from it!

If you’re vegan or don’t eat pork for religious reasons you might choose to be offended. Those feelings will shut down any opportunity you have to learn two valuable lessons from the story.

Yes, that’s right! Your reaction to your limiting beliefs either keeps you stuck, or it allows you to grow so you can Create a Successful Life.

And within that challenge lies your opportunity for massive growth!

Shift Your Perspective to Create a Successful Life

There are two valuable lessons you can learn from it…

1. Be committed to Create a Successful Life, don’t just be involved and

2. Change your perspective. Don’t let the meaning you attach to certain words or beliefs limit you and hold you back

Since birth we’ve been programmed by everyone and everything around us. The way we think, what we believe, how we feel and behave are programs that run on autopilot!

Throughout all the years these thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours either served you or limited you!

Because you see it’s those thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours that create your results, right?

So, how’s it been working out for you? You got what you want or you still struggling?

Be Glad, I Have Some Good News AND Some Bad News

Most people like me to tell them the good news first… so I’m not going to do that. I’m going to tell you the bad news first!

Because then we can end this article with the good news and celebrate your growth and success for this special year, 2020. Is that ok with you?

Great, here’s the bad news…

As long as you choose to keep operating on autopilot you will keep getting the same results you’re getting now. Yes, it IS a choice you make day in and day out!

That means that 2020 will be pretty much the same as the previous years!

The good news is…

You can change ALL of that and 2020 will be the year your Create a Successful Life! It can become the year to create the life, business, career and relationships you truly want!!

The real question is…

Do you actually want it enough or are your goals, dreams and desires just thoughts and emotions to pacify your ego even though they’re keeping you stuck?

Here’s How You Can Create a Successful Life in 2020

Throughout the ages there’s always been a proven plan that successful people follow to ensure they change their reality to what they want it to be.

You can do the same if…

1. You’re willing to be like the pig and become committed to your success, wealth and happiness (Don’t worry you won’t have to die :-) )

2. You’re willing to find someone to show you how you can shift your perspective by altering your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours and lastly

3. You learn, follow and understand the 5 Principles of Success

If you’d like a copy of those 5 Principles or you’d like me to help you shift your perspective so you can Create a Successful Life leave a comment below or connect with me through LinkedIn or Facebook.


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Throughout the ages there’s always been a proven plan that successful people follow to ensure they change their reality to what they want it to be.

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