Is High Ticket Closing a slippery slope to the poor house or the start of being a professional? If you want my take on it, read on because I answer it in here!

Before you get started though, I must warn you!

This is going to upset some of you! It might even make you angry! You might decide to attack me personally, or even insult me!

And that’s a good thing because if you didn’t identify with the truths in here you won’t be negatively affected. Because as Anais Nin said…

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”

Within that quote lies a massive opportunity for your personal growth!

Most of you, the open-minded ones will realize it’s a great post with lots of golden nuggets!!

So, let’s look at the question…

Is High Ticket Closing a slippery slope to the poor house or the start of being a professional?

I guess, like everything else in life it’s what you make of it…

As a professional you can create a good life for yourself and serve your clients. The coaches, consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs who use commissioned salespeople to help them increase sales.


You can go down the slippery slope to the poor house, embrace the ABCD’s of stupid selling that’ll be the death of you as a closer!

A few years ago, something good started. A phrase was coined and it’s as if suddenly the fog cleared and the hype of being a High Ticket Closer was the “New Thing” that thousands embraced.

As you know, expensive products and services (high-ticket) have been sold since the dawn of selling so it’s not a new concept.

So high ticket sales and closing are age old concepts. Nothing new.

It Opened an Opportunity to Create a New Industry…

High-Ticket Closing.

The way it was pitched it sounded as if these men and women could walk on water… even when it wasn’t frozen!

High Ticket Closing… Will Reality Hit Hard?

I mean, wow, after just 7 weeks of training they could double, triple and even 10X your sales?

And it didn’t even matter what they did before, whether they had any experience or nothing at all.

The perception was created of highly skilled professionals that work only on a commission basis. All dressed smartly. Their profiles splattered across social media created no differentiation. The message, the look, the claims… They were all the same…

It looked good but could they perform and deliver the results they were promised pre-signup?

The brand is or was strong. Their sense of belonging to something special, something better than the rest, overpowering.

Thousands of men and women were trained, young and old, inexperienced and experienced, to believe they can:

  1. Create a great living for themselves with just a phone.
  2. Make “easy” massive money, $100k to $500k being in High Ticket Closing.
  3. Learn the skills necessary to be in high demand by coaches, consultants and business owners.

Apparently, they are/were even told some BS about only running the last few meters to finish the race in an Olympic 400-meter relay to win the gold!

What they seem to forget is that you must be one-of-the-best in the world to be in that race and nobody only runs the last few meters! But there’s an old saying… Bullshit Baffles Brains!

Any lure covered in honey by suggesting easy money, little effort and weak skills is always a powerful magnet. Dare I say irresistible?

Over the years someone earned millions of dollars which is good. Pity that most of those who paid for the training, earned nothing at all!

They probably never will. Some won and most lost! It’s the story of life…

Theoretically these guys and girls can help coaches, consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs “close more leads for commission only.”

The attraction for those service and product providers who are averse to “selling” their own services or who wants to scale their business and need “closers” to get the job done, on a pure commission basis, is irresistible.

What about Skills, Experience and Delivering Results?

Here’s where things become a bit murky…

Well you know how, when you stir the water in a crystal-clear pond it doesn’t look so attractive anymore and it certainly spoils the taste of the water?

Is it the same here? We all know, Perceptions are one thing Results are the Main thing!

Not being a member, I can only share feedback received from those I’ve coached post their high-ticket training and my own experience of getting on live calls with them.

Many whom I’ve spoken with are nice people. They’re driven, ambitious and eager to apply the skills they were taught. They have a dream of creating a better life… and as a Certified Master Coach I admire and love that about them!

So, why are most of them struggling? From my point of view there are various reasons. A little bit further I break down four reasons I believe are causing some of their struggles…

It was Zig Ziglar who said…

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Everybody knows he’s right.

And as the age-old sayings go, the proof is in the pudding, time will tell, all will be revealed.

Who will be the eventual winners? The 3-5% that always naturally win or the rest?

Perhaps learning to win isn’t important at all, maybe it’s just about playing the game, and everyone should win a medal, shouldn’t they?

High Ticket Closing… Will Reality Hit Hard?

Credit to: Propeller CRM

Here’s the Slippery Slope I was Talking About

The ABCD’s that’ll cause the “Death of High Ticket Closing” A similar set of factors has already caused the end of many far more powerful dynasties, people, industries and countries.

It kills sales and it kills getting hired!

A – Arrogance

When you:

  • believe you are greater than the people you serve, you’re on a slippery slope and it doesn’t result in success.
  • overestimate your own importance, you become weak because it amplifies your arrogance and ignorance. It shows your insecurities.

Only weak people accept working with arrogant people because they believe it’ll build them up. A false sense of competence is still false!

For most people arrogance isn’t an attractive characteristic. Being humble and confident is better.

B – Bad Behaviour and Broken Skills

Like bad body odour it repels the very people you want to attract as clients. Bad Behaviour will get you fired not hired.

Broken Skills mean you can’t deliver the results and if you can’t do that you’ll also be out on your ear. Saying “we weren’t a fit doesn’t fool anyone. You left because you couldn’t perform!

When you aren’t taught the right skills to have a meaningful conversation with a prospect and are able to help them make the right decision, being a “closer” becomes a difficult profession!

The good news is, bad behaviour and broken skills, like bad body odour can be fixed. This happens when you work with the right people, because they probably care more about you than your money.

You might find they aren’t the bad apples, they’re the golden apples! Do your due diligence.

C – Criticizing Others

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of criticizing others. It’s the way Losers deflect the attention away from their own shortcomings. Creating secret little groups and lists aren’t a sign of confidence. It shows massive insecurity.

Have you ever heard this phrase?

Former USA First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt said it best:

“Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, Little minds discuss people”.

Champions don’t hang around the Social Water Cooler, in Facebook Groups and Forums talking about others…

They are out there in the ring, fighting the good fight, getting results, creating the life they want.

Champions don’t have little minds. They admire and support people who are trying to become better, they know most people always do the best they know how.

Champions remember what it was like when they started out. They don’t criticize, they empathize!

Remember to always play the game of Champions. Live for feedback. Tweak your results and Act Consistently no matter what others say, think or do!

Because then success will be yours…

D – Dubious Claims

Claiming you can 3X someone’s sales takes more than having worked as a bar code scanner in a warehouse. It takes more than having attended a training course or having made a sale or two.

Claims like that clearly show you’re not the brightest banana in the bunch. It shows your lack of skill, experience and integrity in business, sales and life, doesn’t it?

Stop wondering why nobody’s hiring you! It’s simple to figure it out, isn’t it?

The real business world doesn’t tolerate stupidity and exaggerated claims!

So, stop asking stupid questions like…

  1. “What’s more important to you, experience or results?” Especially if you have Zero Experience and Results.
  1. “How can I help you” before you clearly know and understand the people you serve.

And here’s the thing, as the “expert” isn’t it your job to show them, that what you have is the best for them and why it is?

Wonder how you’ll feel when your medical doctor starts asking you which medicine you believe you should take?

When your foundation is based on BS! All you’ll get is BS!

Champions Already Know This – Others Could Learn From It!

Get out there and speak to real business owners who could hire you. It means reach out through a “cold call” if necessary, then connect and chat.

Waiting for them to come to you is like waiting for someone else to change your life! It’s highly unlikely to happen. Champions go after what they want!

Speaking to real people is where you get to know what you can do. That’s where you build your experience, skills and understanding to serve. That’s where you learn and grow!

You only become a pilot after many hours of real flight experience. Intelligent people know, How To Fly is Different from Actually Flying…

Learn the lesson. Stop making dubious claims. Start flying even if you crash and burn.

Tomorrow is a new day… do it again until you learn how to do it successfully…

A Last Thing

Here’s a last thing… Honesty goes a long way in making up for lack of experience or even skills. Most successful people understand and can relate to “someone getting started”.

So, Drop the attitude, Be honest, Be humble and Be willing to learn. Then you might get hired and then you can start creating the life and legacy you want.

Here’s Your Challenge

We’re all being influenced by others.

Some people out there have exceptional skills so they impact you deeply. Sometimes without having your best interests at heart…

Remember learning from different people widens your perception, growth and experiences. No matter how good you believe someone is, they are still limited!

Become aware of people’s actions… Why do they do what they do? Why do they preach one thing and do something different?

Here’s your challenge…

Think about Why someone would limit your freedom of association, freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Shouldn’t it be encouraged?

There are many people out there who can help you succeed, find them, work with them, learn from them…

Stop limiting yourself because then you limit your life, your success, wealth and happiness! And I’m certain you like me don’t want to do that, right?

Become your own person! Do what’s right for you!

Ditch the BS and start creating a great life!

Ask for help… Champions do!

Consider this…

Are you getting the support and results you paid for and were promised?

If you are, stay where you are!

If not… Perhaps it’s time to move on to better things?

High Ticket Closing… Will Reality Hit Hard?

Is This The End …OR… The Beginning?

Since I wrote the original post, (on the link below) it has become crystal clear that high ticket closing can be a slippery slope to the poorhouse.

If you’re in that profession, Be Different!

Learn the mindset, skills and habits from anyone that can teach, coach or train you and “Become the Champion You Can Be!”

Remember… The quality of your results depends on the quality of your training.

I’m sure you already know this, I’ll say it anyway…

Graduates of some business schools are in high demand and those from other schools aren’t!

Are you in high demand, busy creating the success, wealth and happiness you want?

A different perception might be the answer…

“This is a slightly altered version of a very successful and controversial article I published on LinkedIn.

Some of the information has been changed to protect the guilty and the innocent“

You can find the original here…

P.S. Let me leave you with this quote from someone who has raised himself from failure to success to become a million-dollar earner… a former CEO who became a certified master coach…

“The enemy of success is never on the outside. It’s not a thing, man or woman. It’s what we lack in ourselves. What’s inside you is what stops you!” – Andre Kotze

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“The enemy of success is never on the outside. It’s not a thing, man or woman. It’s what we lack in ourselves. What’s inside you is what stops you!” – Andre Kotze

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