How Mindset Moves Mountains is a fable based in reality… the reality of how your thoughts create your life. I think by now the whole world knows, “as a man thinks, so does he become” and yet poverty is on the rise, mediocrity has become the new standard.

Andre, are you nuts, I hear you say?

Sometimes I think I am, because I still expect so much more from my life and from those, I work with…

And that is nuts to expect others to do so they can have what they say they want, isn’t it?

Good people like me and you struggling with illusions, with false beliefs and fake images…

If only they can see themselves through my eyes…

And yet here we are in a world where most people will never achieve their dream life!

That’s why I’d like to talk about…

The Power of Your Mind

The phrase How Mindset Moves Mountains comes directly from your ability to… and here’s the lesson!

1. Remove mountains standing between you and your dream or
2. Place mountains between you and your dream

You see in life there is always duality… good and bad, black and white, night and day and then of course…

Success, Wealth, Happiness and failure, poverty, misery!

The way you believe and act upon the thoughts you consistently hold creates everything!

You must just decide… what do you want?

How Mindset Moves Mountains is totally up to you…

Move them and Create a Crystal-Clear Path to your dream or Move them and Create an Unsurmountable Path to your dream!

They take the same effort and energy.

You are the farmer, you decide which seeds to plant…

How Mindset Moves Mountains

The Way to Use Your Thoughts For Good

Like a garden your conscious mind plants thoughts in the fertile soil of your unconscious mind.

The soil doesn’t care what gets planted.

Its job is to nourish and feed those thoughts and allow them to spring forth and give you what you think about consistently.

No farmer has ever planted corn seeds and harvested pumpkins. It just can’t happen!

Your dominant thoughts are the seeds, your current life is the harvest from those seeds.

That’s why the old saying “you reap what you sow” is so apt because there Is no other way… It’s natural law… wish it wasn’t like that, but it is, don’t you agree?

So, I’m sure now you can see, when you plant negative thoughts about yourself, your life, your circumstances that’s what you’re going to get. When you expect negative things to happen, it will!!

Your unconscious mind always gives you what you truly want!

Plant good seeds and you’ll reap a good harvest! How Mindset Moves Mountains allows you to remove the mountains so you can achieve your dreams with less struggle and frustration.

Sometimes We Prefer the Struggle

It seems quite honorable to “just be ok” to “struggle, fight and hustle” because it gives us a feeling of achieving something, no matter how mediocre it is compared to what it can be!

All the mountains we move to get where we want to go fills us with good feelings even if there is no real progress… as we remove one, we create another… it becomes a never-ending story of strife and struggle.

“Wow, you won’t believe how busy I was today!” becomes our battle cry… “busyness” has become a good thing. Real positive achievement is taking the back seat!

A pat on the back and not a reprimand is expected for effort… yes, even wasted effort and limited thinking should be rewarded, right?
We continuously change direction expecting better results…

We start on the road to Paris, the city of love and within days we change direction to Japan, the city of cherry blossoms and then quickly we decide to rather shoot off to explore the jungles of deep dark Africa.

Never do we arrive at our destination… Someone said, “fail fast, fail forward” The emphasis is on failing forward towards where you wanna go!

They didn’t say fail in different directions!

That’s simply just old-fashioned stupidity!

This little story might help you get clarity…

Once upon a time this little boy came running to his Mom…

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I want to be a baker

And the next day he came running…

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I want to be a butcher

And a few days thereafter he came running…

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I want to be a candlestick maker!

Poor little guy, if he continues down that round, the only thing, he’ll become…

Is a confused and disillusioned man until he learns the power of How Mindset Moves Mountains.

Don’t most people do that… they hop from one thought to the next… pretty much like flipping through TV channels until something catches their eye and keeps their attention for a while…and then it’s off to the next thing!

It’s the way they live their life!

At some stage you need to decide and stick to it or you might never become what you want…

And Sometimes We Prefer to Be Successful

Plant the right seeds into the fertile soil of your unconscious mind and watch How Mindset Moves Mountains so you can create

1. Success, Wealth and Happiness
2. More clients than you need and
3. Live the life you dream of!

May your life give you exactly what you ask for… all the amazing things you dream of everyday!

Oh, I forgot, it’s already doing that! You already have what you’re asking for and it’s probably not what you really, really want, is it?

Just so you know, there is a simple system that’ll teach you to plant the right seeds so you can have what you want… because then you’ll experience How Mindset Moves Mountains in your favour!

Let’s chat on Zoom. It’s totally risk free and without obligation. We will listen to your challenges, explore what you truly want and find the best option specifically for you. Click the link and let’s get started.

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Plant the right seeds into the fertile soil of your unconscious mind and watch How Mindset Moves Mountains so you can create…

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